Restaurant Savant

Restaurant Savant 2.0

Review restaurants like a pro!


  • Plenty of hotkeys
  • Decent search/filter function
  • Plenty of space for lots of details


  • Translation into other languages is incomplete
  • Not many configuration options


When you like eating out as much as I do, it's not unusual to have problems remembering where you've been, what you thought and - most importantly - if you'd go there again.

Some people are happy with the traditional notebook and pencil, but the more tech-savvy will want something fancier for remembering the good, the bad and the ugly of the restaurant world.

Restaurant Savant is a program that will help keep your experiences well-documented. There are a few reviews already entered into the program, to give you the right idea, and then you are free to add your own.

First, you put in the practical details of the restaurant - address, telephone, etc. - and then you specify the details - type of cuisine, your score - using a variety of drop-down menus.

Restaurant Savant gives you space for even the smallest details. In the bottom half of the window there are a series of tabs where you can add your comments, select any special features the restaurant may have, add a map of how to get there or email all the details to a friend.

There aren't that many configuration options, but you can create a basic review book, save to your iPod and share reviews with other Restaurant Savant users by exporting, emailing and importing.

Like other programs from the same developer, I find Restaurant Savant's interface less than comfortable to use. Apart from that, it is very difficult to know what restrictions affect the trial version - I managed to add several reviews with no problem, but it doesn't say if there is a limit.

Restaurant Savant is a functional and easy-to-use application. Even so, there's something that stops it from being truly great, and I just couldn't shake off the feeling that something was missing.

Restaurant Savant

Restaurant Savant


Restaurant Savant 2.0

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